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Waukaru Herd Sires Dominate TriCounty Steer Carcass Futurity Cooperative

Waukaru has continued its unwavering effort to collect carcass data. This commitment began in the 1960's; the past ten years we have consigned to the TriCounty Steer Carcass Futurity Cooperative (TCSCFC) based in western Iowa. The collection of data has been vital to our breeding program, but the revenue stream from the test cattle is paramount in our business structure. 

The crew at TCSCFC just released the 2015 Sire Profit Summary, and Waukaru bred bulls claimed the first, second, and fourth high spots based on total profit. The sire profit comparison program is for sires with five or more progeny consigned to the TCSCF program. This program equalized environmental impacts on the cattle, and then evaluated all sire groups for profitability under varying market and pricing grids. This year's summary includes carcass data on over 69,000 head of cattle that are from 4,579 different sires of various breeds. 

The majority of the steers that Waukaru sends to TCSCFC are born at the farm; the remaining few are Waukaru bull battery progeny purchased from our customers. Most of the cattle are purebred Shorthorn and red, thus do not qualify for CAB premiums. Still, Waukaru bulls sort to the top across all breeds.

Waukaru Orion 2047 leads the Shorthorn breed for total profit at the TCSCFC. Orion 2047 ranks in the top 96 percentile of all the 4,500 sires represented, placing 15th overall. The Orion 2047 steers have averaged 1,394 pounds at harvest, with the highest breed ADG of 3.82. They post an 853-pound average Hot Carcass Weight, Yield Grade 2 and over 50% low choice or better. Orion 2047 beats all of the Gelbvieh, Hereford, Maine Anjou, and Limousin. His data would rank him 2nd as a Charolais or a Red Angus, and 6th as an Angus or Simmental. Waukaru Orion 2047 generates profit; his semen, sons, and daughters are available at Waukaru.

Waukaru Top Shelf 8165 is second in the breed at TCSCFC for total profit. This eight-year-old has proven himself a generator of dollars. A daughter produced the high selling bull in the recent The Gathering 2016. The Top Shelf 8165 steers went 80% Low Choice or better, and were Yield Grade 2's. Top Shelf is in the top 93% of the over 4,500 sires tested, beating all Hereford and Gelbvieh cattle and also being second against the Charolais and Red Angus.